Drew Barrymore Feet

Gorgeous pictures of celebrity actress Drew Barrymore and her nice feet.

Gallery of Drew Barrymore feet, toes and wonderful legs seen here.

Rumors say that Drew Barrymore has a size 7 shoe/foot.

Tyra Banks Feet

Lovely feet pictures of model, actress and television personality, Tyra Banks.

Tyra Banks has rather large feet, weighing it at a size 9.5 shoe.

Enjoy these beautiful shots of her feet, legs and toes.

Diora Baird Feet

Celebrity actress and model Diora Baird nice feet, legs and toes pictures.

It has been said that Diora Baird has small size 5 feet. Simply adorable feet!

Victoria Beckham Feet

Nice close up pictures of the feet of former pop star and model, Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham long gorgeous legs and lovely feet.

It has been said that she has a size 7 foot.

Lily Allen Feet

Lily Allen is the beautiful up and coming English recording artist, who struck it big with the single "Smile".

View these up close and personal pictures of Lily Allen and her cute feet, toes with legs included.

Lily Allen has size 8 feet/shoe.

Christina Applegate Feet

Up close and personal look at the delightful feet of celebrity actress, Christina Applegate. (Kelly Bundy)

Christina Applegate has nice average size 7 feet, along with some great long legs to match them perfectly.